The Qube

The Qube 

If you are looking for a charging solution for an open space, our table top solution might be the answer. Perfect for a seating area, or conference rooms, the Qube can charge up to 8 devices simultaneously - including iPads at full charging rate.


  • Table-top solution
  • Charges up to 8 devices simultaneously
  • Captures usage data
  • Optimises USB 2.0 charging
  • Reinforced manufacturer cables
  • Security options e.g. locking to a table

Dimensions: 190(H) x 163(W) x 163(D) mm

Managed Service

Our charging solutions have been developed for the most demanding public spaces. With over 6 million charges per annum, we have developed the technology to actively track every charge to ensure a satisfactory outcome. Our systems can identify faulty cables, or other issues, and ensure servicing takes place effectively. All our ChargeBox stations communicate over 3G, WiFi or Ethernet in realtime to our telemetry system. Our service teams ensure our clients have minimum intervention and no liability. Our system also allows remote diagnostics and software updating, while providing full management information on service usage to our clients. In particular our Managed Service includes:

  • Full audit trail
  • Technical support
  • Service call outs (various plans available)
  • Proactive performance analysis & management information
  • Spare and replacement parts
  • Automatic software updates and content updates to media players if needed
  • Device liability
  • Future proofing (e.g. cable updates)

If you are considering a charging service that does not offer these features, our unparalleled experience urges great caution. Let us come and meet you to explain why.