In-Store Retail


What effect does free charging have on your customers? Do they dwell longer? Do they spend more? Is foot​fall increased? Is customer experience enhanced?  

ChargeBox commissioned Ink Research Limited to measure the effects of ChargeBox on customer behaviour. The results were overwhelming! Want to know more? Click here.

                                                                      ROI Research Results

Ink Research proved that by having ChargeBox in-store, the charging solution increases average spend by 133% - an additional spend of £35 per customer.

Ink Research proved that ChargeBox has a significant effect on customer dwell time, increasing the average customer visit by 104% - an increase of 28 minutes.

Ink Research proved that ChargeBox increases the basket size of the customer by 28%.

Ink Research proved that 72% of ChargeBox users indicated they will return to store specifically to use ChargeBox in the future. 

Ink Research proved that 92% of ChargeBox users feel positively or very positively towards the brand providing the service.


Manager of Policy & Control​​​​

John Lewis

At John Lewis we've always been passionate about providing our customers with the very best service, and offering free phone charging in our shops is one of our ways of enhancing customer experience. We've seen great feedback from customers on social media, so we're thrilled that this addition to our shops has been a success.


Managing Director​​​​​​​​​​


At Fenwick we are focused on providing outstanding customer service and a great in-store shopping experience. Providing free charging via our ChargeBox's is one way we deliver this. Since we installed the stations the feedback from customers has been fantastic as a charged battery enables them to stay connected with loved ones and allows them to enjoy an omni channel shopping experience. This enables them to shop for longer and to make informed purchasing decisions. Our ChargeBox's definitely enhance the shopping experience and are very popular amongst our customers. We would highly recommend this service.