Reduce "low battery anxiety" and increase student and staff satisfaction which has a positive impact on the National Student Survey results.

Increase dwell time on campus, allowing students to study for longer and utilise University facilities.

Provide security and safety when students and staff charge their devices. Full audit trail collected with every charge.

Increase staff productivity as they no longer have to deal with charging requests.

Opportunity to promote the establishment and promotions via customised vinyl wrapping and the LCD display panel.


Nick Leake 

CIO, King's College London 

I am delighted we have been able to have ChargeBox provide on-campus charging facilities for our students. The telemetrics are excellent and we see high levels of usage as students recharge devices throughout the day. The team at ChargeBox have been a pleasure to work with and their products have enabled us to avoid expensive installation of power outlets in listed buildings around our estate.


Alastair Reid

IT Business Relationship Director, Saïd Business School

Our ChargeBox units have proven to be incredibly popular and in demand across all of our students, staff, faculty and visitors. In two years of operation we've only ever had positive feedback. Whilst providing free charging is perhaps to be expected to be well received what's been unexpected but no less pleasing is that the units have had zero defects, no lost keys, no reliability issues or no other problems; the ChargeBox units really have proven to be a zero maintenance solution. Moving forward the flexibility to update the charging cables, as the likes of USB-C become more popular, has helped keep our existing ChargeBox units current and relevant at no additional costs and with minimal effort. The proactivity to help us introduce USB-C is a good example of practical engagement and positive actions ChargeBox as an organisation are willing and able to invest in us, allowing us to benefit from their innovations and forward looking insights in this sector. Given the strong relationship we built, our colleagues at ChargeBox have worked with us to get the best commercial deals for us coupled with providing high quality and timely technical expertise and guidance. All at the Saïd Business School have benefited from the tangible and credible value ChargeBox has added to our IT offering.