International Partners

"We have decided to provide our visitors with secure and free mobile charging with ChargeBox. The mobile phone is a big part of our everyday lives and everyone does sometime run out of battery. We have received great response from our visitors and will therefore continue to provide the service with ChargeBox"

- Marita Floman, Skrapan

"We have placed ChargeBox in our emergency rooms and they work great. Both patients and staff are very satisfied with the service"

- Torbjörn Kugelberg, Danderyds Sjukhus

Some of our international clients

Become an international partner

At ChargeBox, in line with our vision to keep the mobile world powered, we have built a growing network of international partners, who operate our stations fleet over 6 continents. While ChargeBox has shipped 1000 stations worldwide in 2015, there are still locations in the world that could benefit from secure device charging. 

ChargeBox UK provides its new and existing partners with market insight, technical training, sales & marketing support, and all the necessary tools to successfully maintain and grow their fleet.

In return, we are looking for sales professionals who share our mission to spread secure charging everywhere, and know what it means to get a successful and fast growing business running.

We would happily hear from you if you feel like you could successfully apply ChargeBox’s business model and vision to your region.

Interested in becoming an international partner?