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With our 10 years experience, ChargeBox provides the highest quality service on the market for your event. Our stations have been designed to offer the most secure and friendly charging experience, and we are dedicated to delivering the most professional customer service. 

Throughout the years, we have built a great portfolio of events clients, and we have identified several benefits that phone charging could bring to your own event.

Providing device charging enables your attendees to stay connected: it keeps them for longer at your venue, and, by doing so, it maximises their engagement with your brand and other attendees, enabling them to make the most of your event.

Our product offers a customisable top screen, fully branded wraps, and a choice of 18 languages for our touch screen, and makes a great platform to boost attendees’ interaction with your brand.

We offer the possibility to buy or rent our ChargeBox stations for your event, in the UK and internationally.

"As an energy company it can sometimes be hard to visualize our products and show the benefits of them at events. ChargeBox, together with our brand provides a strong customer benefit and understanding which makes it a great competitive advantage for us at events"

- Lotta Peterson, Göteborg Energi

"We had four ChargeBox at our event and they were very popular. The branding looked great and although we had four of them, it was constantly a queue of people wanting to charge their phone"

- Nicolina Stefansson, E.ON

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