Our Solutions

ChargeBox customers come from a huge variety of sectors and want to deliver a secure charging service to their customers, staff and students for a huge number of reasons. Mobile devices of many forms are at the heart of retail, education, health and working lives and people need access to charging to be productive and to feel relaxed.

Increase dwell time

Easy to install

Easy to operate

Computer controlled stations - configurable to your needs

Create loyal customers

Easy to use

Optimised charging - as fast as manufacturer cables allow

Brand Canvas - customisable wraps and video driving brand engagement

Reduce customer anxiety

Service offer - comprehensive maintenance & updates

Smart lock - combining the best mechanical & digital security

Real time reporting - allow us to react upon any abnormalities arising

"We focus on the customer experience and to fulfil the needs of our customers by providing great service. ChargeBox is the latest supplement to our customer experience that allows the visitor to charge their phone in addition to shopping and our free Wi-Fi service. ChargeBox will make our shopping centre a place where you want to stay for a longer time and a place to come back to."

- Gabriella Månsson Hammond, Globen Shopping

Buy or Rent

We offer different purchase and rental options and service contracts, tailored to your site and your customer numbers and type.

Please contact us for more details concerning your sector and how we can fulfil your requirements.

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Need charging stations for events?

We offer the possibility to buy or rent our ChargeBox stations for your event, in the UK and internationally.

Need charging stations outside the UK?

We have established partners in 16 different countries and we can export to even more.

We can charge almost anything!

All modern smart phones can be charged, ChargeBox+ stations are updated with the latest software to provide optimised charging and updated with the latest cables as they are released by manufacturers.

Brand engagement

Each ChargeBox® offers a great opportunity for visitors to engage with a sponsors' brand. Both the LCD screen and the vinyl wrap provide fantastic platforms to encourage passers-by to use the machine as well as promote your brand to a larger audience. Our in-house design team can work with you to maximise the impact and use.